• Parents and Their Kids - Ohio Valley Tennis Academy menbers A newspaper article about the OVTA and it's winter program of ( Family togetherness and Fitness through tennis) Shown are just a few of the more than 22 Plus Founding members already on board with the Academy— as it starts to grow.  Any one wishing to participate can do so [...]

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                   Ohio Valley Tennis Academy
Welcome to our new web site – please ck out our web site for all the local tennis news and what is going on with tennis in the Ohio Valley.
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                                              Make inquiries to
Jerry Mulhern : OVTA president                                  Bill Blair :   OVTA  Head Tennis Pro
103 Poplar Ave                                                                38 Forest Hills
Wheeling Wv 26003      PH: 304-242-1836                 Wheeling Wv 26003   Ph: 304-232-0126
 This card, is to introduce you to our new organization (OVTA) Ohio Valley Tennis Academy:   We are a nonprofit organization whose goals are to Teach Tennis and to promote tennis in the Upper Ohio Valley.  We hope you make our web site a continuous place to stop and visit, to see what is new and what is going on around the valley in tennis.
Our door is always open, so if you wish to participate in our group– all you have to do is contact one of our members or post your concerns on our web site.